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Wellhouse Dental in Prince George offers a range of dental services including sedation, teeth whitening, family dentistry, and more. Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions, explanations to dental terminologies, and more.  


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


Why Are Dental Visits Important?

Regular dental visits are very important to help maintain good oral health. Regular exams, tissue checks and oral pathology screenings help catch tooth decay and other diseases early. Cleanings on a regular basis help maintain bone levels and tissue health.


How Often Should I Go to the Dentist?

The purpose of regular visits is to catch problems early. For many people this means coming in every 6 months for exams and cleanings. Your dentist or hygienist may recommend coming in more or less often depending on your individual needs.


When Should I Plan My Child’s First Visit?

It is recommended that a child’s first visit be around age 18 months. We try to make your child’s first visit a positive experience. Bringing them in to watch an older sibling or family member helps to make the visit more comfortable too. Once your child’s teeth start erupting, it’s very important that you do frequent visual checks as you are brushing and flossing for them. If anything of concern is noted, please contact your dentist for evaluation.


How Frequently Should I Brush and Floss My Teeth?

It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes each time. Brushing for a longer period of time is more important than brushing harder. It is also recommended to floss your teeth once a day.


Does a Dental Cleaning Damage Enamel?

A dental cleaning does not damage enamel. It removes the stain, plaque, and deposits of calculus or tarter that can build up over time on our teeth. This removal of deposits is very important to the health of our oral tissues including the bone supporting our teeth.


Why Do Teeth Become Sensitive?

Typically, generalized tooth sensitivity can be due to enamel erosion or root exposure due to tissue recession. However, sometimes sensitivity can be caused by decay, fracture or crack of tooth structure or a failing filling. If you are having any sensitivity, it is important to have it evaluated by your dentist to determine the cause and seek appropriate treatment.


Can You Build Enamel Back on Your Teeth?

Once enamel is gone, it cannot be re-grown. Restorations may be recommended to help repair any areas where enamel is lost. Demineralised enamel can be re-mineralised using products recommended by your dental professional.


Do You Use Amalgam Restorations?

The majority of our restorations are completed using composite. However, there are specific situations where amalgam may be recommended. If that is the case, we will discuss the situation before proceeding.

Common Terminologies

A few common terminologies used in dentistry are:



A material made from mercury and other alloy used to restore a drilled portion of the tooth.



Medications used to relieve pain.


Anterior Teeth

Front teeth also called incisors and cuspids.



The upper or lower jaw.


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Caused by sugary substances in breast milk and some juices, which combine with saliva to form pools inside a baby's mouth.



A premolar tooth; tooth with two cusps which are pointed or rounded eminences on the biting surface of the tooth.



X-rays that help a dentist diagnose cavities.



Application of tooth coloured resin materials to the surface of the teeth.



A prosthetic replacement of one or more missing teeth cemented permanently.



Teeth grinding.



A hard deposit of mineralized substance adhering to crowns and or roots of teeth.



The narrow chamber inside the tooth's root.



Also called cuspids.


Canker Sore

A sore that occurs on the delicate tissues inside your mouth. A Canker sore is light-coloured at its base and can have an exterior border.


Cold Sore

Usually occurs on the outside of the mouth, on or near the nose or lips. A cold sore is contagious because it is caused by the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are painful and filled with fluid. Your dentist can prescribe medication to help heal more quickly.


Composite Filling

Tooth coloured restorations, also known as resin fillings.



The process of reshaping teeth.



An artificial tooth replacement that restores a missing tooth structure by surrounding the remaining tooth structure.



Front teeth that typically have a protruding edge.



The pointed parts on top of the back teeth's chewing surface.



The tooth layer underneath the enamel.



A removable set of teeth.



A form of dentistry that addresses problems affecting the tooth's root nerve.



Aids in remineralization of initial soft spots.



A harmless over-exposure to fluoride, sometimes resulting in white spots on teeth.



Another word for gum tissue.



A minor inflammation of gums caused by plaque.


Gum Disease

An infection of gum tissue, which is also called periodontitis.


Impacted Teeth

A condition in which a tooth fails to erupt or partially erupts.



A permanent appliance used to replace a missing tooth.



Front teeth with cutting edges.



An artificial filling made of materials of porcelain /gold.


Laminate Veneer

A shell that is 'bonded' to the tooth, such as artificial nails.



Bad bite relationship.



The lower jaw.



The upper jaw.



Usually the largest teeth near the end of the mouth. Molars have large chewing surfaces.


Neuromuscular Dentistry

Addresses more than the arches; also focuses on the pain felt in and around the head that is associated with your jaw.



A filling designed to protect the chewing surface of a tooth.



Field of dentistry that deals with teeth and jaw alignments.



Roof of the mouth.


Partial Denture

A removable appliance that replaces missing teeth.


Pediatric Dentistry

A field of dentistry that deals with children.


Periodontal Disease

Infection of gum tissue also called gum disease.


A dentist who treats diseases of gums.



A sticky, colourless substance that covers teeth after sleep or periods between brushing.


Receding Gum

A condition in which the gums separate from the tooth allowing bacteria and other substances to attack the tooth's enamel and surrounding bone.


Resin Filling

An artificial filling used to restore teeth, which is also called composite filling.


Root Canal

A procedure in which a tooth's nerve is removed and the inner canal cleaned and filled.


Root Planning

Scraping or cleansing of teeth to remove heavy build-up of calculus below the gum line.



A synthetic material placed on the tooth's surface that protects the enamel and chewing surfaces.



A hardened substance (called calculus) that sticks to the tooth surface.



Temporomandibular joint disorder. Health problems related to the jaw joint just in front of the ear.



A laminate bonded to the tooth.



A process that employs special bleaching agents for ensuring the colour of teeth.


Wisdom Teeth

The third set of molars that erupt last in adolescence.

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